Corporate History

Daywolf, LLC is incorporated in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Daywolf was created for the purpose of developing and bringing to market a new generation of high-strength, highly-stylized precision Titanium glasses which fix problems with previous generations of the eyewear, including rickety nosebridges, sizing and strength issues.  To the best of our knowlege, Daywolf is the only manufacturer presently offering cost metal eyewear of on the market.  Previous giants in the industry stopped production many years ago.  Daywolf has been developing its Septentrial model sunglasses for approximately three years and has prototyped over 20 different versions of the glasses, each time making adjustments and optimizations in hopes of offering a perfect set of glasses.  Daywolf's enterprise model Septentrials are currently scheduling for release in winter of 2018 subject to funding and sufficient preorder interest.

The Septentrial Name

Daywolf OutlineDaywolf debuts its first sunglass designs entitled Septentrials in 2018.  The Septentrion was the name for the land north of the Roman Empire in the middle ages.  The word literally means in Latin "the seven oxmen" and was used as the name for the land under the seven stars of the Big Dipper in the night sky.  The land of the North was considered to be a mystic, barbaric world spanning a geographc region not fully defined or understood.  The words "Septentrional" and "Septentrial" were used to describe the people, culture and history of the region by the Roman Empire.  For several decades after Columbus discovered North America, North America was referred to by most cartographers as the "Septentrional" or "American Septentrional."  Daywolf owns the domains and, both of which resolve to Daywolf's homepage.  Because the Daywolf® Septentrials come from the land of the North (i.e., North America), and because the Septentrial sunglass frames consist of seven cast Titanium pieces bolted together, Daywolf has chosen this name for its enterprise model eyewear.

The Daywolf Building

Initial Beginnings

Daywolf begin designing an early version of its glasses in 2015 and briefly offered for sale a disc-shaped early version shortly thereafter.  After nearly three-years of further design and over $100,000 spent on prototyping and redesign, in August of 2018 Daywolf launched a Kicstarter campaign to attempt to secure further funding with the goal of having Daywolf eyewear on the market by early 2019.  Daywolf's Kickstarter campaign video is still available online and can viewed here.  Daywolf maintains a YouTube channel with several promotional videos, including its original Kickstarter video, an early video of showing animated digital renderings of its eyewear, and a brief product montage.  In September of 2018, Daywolf's Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal and was successful.  Daywolf ordered tools be made for its seven titanium frame components, plus tooling for the nose and arms pads.  Daywolf ordered several thousand lenses of different materials for testing, including polycarbonate, nylon and TAC.  Daywolf had other parts specially made for its first production run, including specialty screws and ultra-thin washers for the hinges.

Daywolf wishes to thank its original Kickstarter backers in ten countries who chose to invest in the project before any production models had been made.  These backers include: .Eddie Alvarado, Adam Baldocchi, Justin Berlin, Trevor Bruford, Alan Chapman, George Chau, Chris Clifford, Ramon Clematide, Hope Cole, Kody R. Connelly,  Eric Cross, Jose Luis Cruz, Hector Dimas, Lydia Faerber, Ashley Gaunt, James Gaunt, Kenji Hamada, Anna Harris, David Hill, Stanley Hsiao, Travis Hynes, Alex Koeckritz, Robin Job, David Klco, Paul Neuenschwander, Gary Nielsen, Yan Tuck Poh, Mark Rinehart, Peggy Rinehart, Phillip Rinehart, Javier Rodriguez, Jose Cortez Rodriguez, Natasha Schaeler, Rishaan Singh, Roger Smith, Scot Stephens, Oliver Stump, Chakraporn Sussangkarn, Kevin Varley and Drew Yeates. 

Daywolf Modeling Composit

U.S. Patent 9,759,929.  U.S. Patent D828,438.  Patent Pending U.S.  15/965,674.  Patent Pending U.S. 15/965,917.  International Industrial Design/Patent Pending.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  Utah State Registered Trademark No. 10675151-0190.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  DAYWOLF® is a trademark of Daywolf, LLC.  SEPTENTRIAL™, FACE THE DAY™, IN SUNLIGHT RUN™, TRYST WITH LIGHT™, and AT ONE WITH THE RISING SUN™ are trademarks of Daywolf, LLC.  Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved.