1.   What are the frames made out of?  The frames are molded from Titanium 5 and Titanium 6.  These are the strongest Titanium alloys known to man.  Although we orginally intended to make the frames entirely from Titanium 6, we have discovered that it is easier to annodize Titanium 5, hence our use of both materials.

2.   Are you sunglasses built in America?  Not entirely, though we hope to move 100% of manufacturing here in the future.  The eyewear is 100% American owned and 100% American designed by engineers, industrial designers, and CAD illustrators in the Western U.S.  Some of the sunglass components are made in the U.S., including the screws, wide nose bridge Titanium pieces, washers, boxes, labels and packaging.  All machining, plating and anodizing operations are done in America, as is all graphic design and web-hosting work..  All part-time and full-time Daywolf employees live and work in the U.S.  The Titanium pieces themselves are being poured at four different factories in Asia.  No single factory has the entire designs.  The lenses are sourced from Japan and other Asian locations. 

3.   Where is Daywolf headquarted?  Salt Lake City, Utah.

4.   Is Daywolf eyewear certified as safety glasses?  We are pursuing certification as OSHA ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses. This will allow users to wear Daywolfs on the job as safety glasses. We are also seeking certification as military ballistic eyewear (MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 Military Standard)

5.   What are Daywolf's selling points?  Daywolf glasses are formed from the strongest Titanium frames ever made.  Our lenses are stronger than all other sunglasses of which we are aware.  They will protect motorcyclists from flying rocks, shootings from flying shell casings, and machinists from flying debris.  The glasses are modularized, meaning you can bolt on and off different components.  For instance, if you want extra wide arms, you can bolt on new arms.  If you are African American, you can bolt in a wider nose bridge.  Lenses can be interchanged by unbolting the orbitals.  Eventually, we hope to offer arms with electronic components for interchange, such as flashlights and cameras.

6.   Have you protected your intellectual property?  We currently have two issued U.S. patents, two issued trademarks, four common law trademarks, copyrights, and three pending patents on the designs.  U.S. Patent 9,759,929.  U.S. Patent D828,438.  Patent Pending U.S.  15/965,674.  Patent Pending U.S. 15/965,917.  International Industrial Design/Patent Pending.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  Utah State Registered Trademark No. 10675151-0190.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  DAYWOLF® is a trademark of Daywolf, LLC.  SEPTENTRIAL™, FACE THE DAY™, IN SUNLIGHT RUN™, TRYST WITH LIGHT™, and AT ONE WITH THE RISING SUN™ are trademarks of Daywolf, LLC.  Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved.

7.   What does "Septential" mean?   Daywolf debuts its first sunglass designs entitled Septentrials in 2018.  The Septentrion was the name for the land north of the Roman Empire in the middle ages.  The word literally means in Latin "the seven oxmen" and was used as the name for the land under the seven stars of the Big Dipper in the night sky.  The land of the North was considered to be a mystic, barbaric world spanning a geographc region not fully defined or understood.  The words "Septentrional" and "Septentrial" were used to describe the people, culture and history of the region by the Roman Empire.  For several decades after Columbus discovered North America, North America was referred to by most cartographers as the "Septentrional" or "American Septentrional."  Daywolf owns the domains septentrional.com and septentrial.com, both of which resolve to Daywolf's homepage.  Because the Daywolf® Septentrials come from the land of the North (i.e., North America), and because the Septentrials sunglass frames consist of seven cast Titanium pieces bolted together, Daywolf has chosen this name for its enterprise model eyewear.