Approximate Daywolf Specifications follow:

  Daywolf Septentrial  
Weight of Frames: 52 grams
Tensile Breaking Point:   260 N
Lens Thickness: 2.2 mm
Lens Tensile Strength: 9,500 PSI
Lens Size: 59 x 37 mm
Width (Closed): 159 mm
Height: 41 mm

*Based on in house tests and publicly available information.


Septentrial™ v 1.1.9 (July 2018) (Current Version Being Sold).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs include inter alia: (1) Widening open arms by 6 mm; (2) Decreasing side wall thickness of ear pads/megals by 0.5 mm; (3) Softening forward edge of temple arms engaging eyewires; (4) Recessing interior surfaces of nosebridge by 0.007 mm; (5) softening sharp top forward edge of terminal end of the arms to prevent abbrasion to ear megals during replacement; (6) Creating second nose bridge for wide noses; and (7) Increasing symmetry between forward and rearward surfaces of nose pads.  Download the user manual here.

Daywolf Version 1.1.8Septentrial™ v 1.1.8 (June 2018).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs:: (1) Widening open arms by 9 mm; (2) Increasing top wall thickness of ear pads/megals by 0.5 mm; (3) Eliminating squish pads from design; (4) Recessing interior surfaces of nosebridge by 0.06 mm to prevent having to grind nose tabs during assembly; (5) Bringing forward cantilevered tab on forward edge of templar arms and countouring tab to mate with eyewires.

Daywolf Version 1.1.7Septentrial™ v 1.1.7 (May 2018).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Increasing thickness of eyewires tabs by 25% to improve strength and rigidity, rounding planar surfaces of eyewire tabs; (2) Reduing open arm width by 14 mm; (2) Increasing thickness of ear pads/megals; and (3) Increasing thickness of squish pads and convex surfacing.

Septentrial™ v 1.1.6 (January 2018).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Increasing diameter of all screw shafts from 1.6 mm to 2.0 mm; (2) Converting nose pads from enveloping pads to planar adhering pads; and (3) deepening and widening lens grove in eyewires.

Daywolf OutlineSeptentrial™ v 1.1.5 (November 2017).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Increasing open arm width; (2) Increasing size of nose pad tabs; (3) Repositioning set screws in nose bridge from rearward disposition/entry to forward disposition/entry on front of nose bridge; and (4) reduced interior curvature of lower inner corner of eyewires.

 Septentrial™ v 1.1.4 (March 2017).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Converting nose bridge securement means from shoulder screw to set screws.; (2) Altering thickness and countouring of lower eyewire edge to reduce profile forward projection; and (3) adding squish pads to increase flex of open arms for various head sizes.

Septentrial™ v 1.1.3 (December 2016).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Reducing thickness of all eyewire surfaces to reduce bulkiness appearance and reduce weight of frames.

Daywolf Version 1.1.2Septentrial™ v 1.1.2 (July 2016).  Revisions to previous Septentrial designs: (1) Adding shape and countouring after considering industrial designer recommendations.

Septentrial™ v 1.1.0. (December 2015).  Drastic revisions and redesign of inferior Septentrentrial model 1.0.0 - 1.0.4 including new contouring; thicker, larger lenses.  Complete overhaul.  

Septentrial™ v 1.0.4 (June 2015).  .  Numerous problems including pads too thin, lenses too thin, screws too thin, lens groves improperly proportioned, nose bridge tabs too thin, eyewire rims too thin, vents nonfunctional.

Daywolf OutlineSeptentrial™ v 1.0.1 (March 2015).  .  Added double vents.  Reduced sharp edges.of eyewire corners.


Daywolf Version 1.0.0Septentrial™ v 1.0.0. (Janaury 2015)Original disc-shaped design with square nose bridge and original styling.  Prime features include: double-hinged arm for adjustable arm width, countouring, Titanium construction.



Mission Statement (August 24, 2018): Daywolf intends to introduce universal public domain standards for lens sizing with the intention that these standards be adopted by the sunglass industry as a whole and lens sizes standardized in all future eyewear.  It is Daywolf's belief that the almost infinite number of lens sizes in the market, all custom fit for only one model of glasses, stifles competition, reduces sales, and results in long term harm to buyers who are uncertain if replacement lenses will be available over time for those model sunglasses the buyers are purchasing.  For this reason, Daywolf has undertaken a study of the median lens sizes for various popular styles of glasses and will be posting public domain recommendations here, including numerous standards for Aviator sunglasses and other styles.  Daywolf believes that if lens sizes are standardized and categorized by style (as other tools like Allen wrenches, shoes, belts, etcetera) that the industry as a whole will benefit and that manufacturers will come under pressure to conform to the standards despite some manufacturers' desire to make their own models functionally obsolete to increase long term sales.  This will contribute to demonopolization of the sunglass industry by alleviating consumer concern that replacement lenses for smaller manufacturers entering the market will become unavailable.  Such standards will ensure replacement lenses are permanently available to any eyewear buyer and drastically increase the availability of  lens colors and options to buyers.  It will also improve the industry by reducing the pressure on manfucturers to simultaneously manufacture lenses, and allow sunglass manufacturers to focus on sunglass or lens quality rather than both together.  Such standards will also make computer-aided sungalss design much easier for all manufacturers as standardized lens blanks will be available for eyewire/orbital CAD incorporation.  Daywolf intends to introduce these CAD files here online for free download into the public domain and encourage use by all.  Daywolf is also seeking sizing recommendations and input from other designers in proposing lens standards.

U.S. Patent 9,759,929.  U.S. Patent D828,438.  Patent Pending U.S.  15/965,674.  Patent Pending U.S. 15/965,917.  International Industrial Design/Patent Pending.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  Utah State Registered Trademark No. 10675151-0190.  U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 5,522,941.  DAYWOLF® is a trademark of Daywolf, LLC.  SEPTENTRIAL™, FACE THE DAY™, IN SUNLIGHT RUN™, TRYST WITH LIGHT™, and AT ONE WITH THE RISING SUN™ are trademarks of Daywolf, LLC.  Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved.