Daywolf® Action Sport Titanium Sunglasses

Daywolf® action sport titanium sunglasses are formed from a seven-piece bolted titanium frame with six vulcanized thermoplastic/silicone color-coordinated pads; and are virtually indestructible. Daywolf® eyewear features a second hinge on the arms, rearward of the first, having a jack screw adjustable to vary the fit of the glasses and accommodate different head sizes. Customize your pair of Daywolf® glasses here by picking your frame from our finishing options, as well as picking your lens and your pad colors. Every order of Daywolf® glasses comes with an extra pair of black pads, an extra pair of clear safety lenses, and an extra pair of polarized lenses in light black. Each pair of glasses is packaged as shown, and includes a polishing cloth, a hex key for swapping lenses and frame parts, as well as a user manual and service pack having spare bolts. For custom color combinations not shown here, please contact us via phone or email at Expedited shipping options are available in the shopping cart.