Daywolf® presents a new generation of high-strength, stylized, precision titanium eyewear: The Daywolf® Septentrial I.  Virtually indestructible, the Daywolf® Septentrials feature patented, double-hinged arms adjustable to fit nearly any head size.  Less skeletal than older technologies, and with 80% stronger titanium frames than any sunglass every produced, Daywolf® ravages innovations of the past, reviving eyewear embodied in the majesty of metal.

Style and Strength Wed in Metal

Cast at 2,000 degrees, the Daywolf® sunglasses are formed from a seven-piece bolted titanium alloy frame with six vulcanized thermoplastic color-coordinated pads.  The Daywolf® Septentrials include highly-organic, vented surfacing contoured using the newest technologies to minimize air currents which cause watery eyes during high-speed sporting activities like skiing, motorcycling and boating.  The eyewear is designed to flex at its arm connection points (rather than through the nose bridge) to keep the angle of the lenses relative to the surface of any wearers' eyes static.  Each sunglass arm features a second hinge - rearward of the first - having a jack screw adjustable to vary the width of the glasses and accommodate different sized heads.  This adjustability likewise gives users control over the compressive force the glasses apply to the head, allowing a user to increase this applied force to keep the glasses more securely in place during athletic activities.  The terminal ends of each arm are apertured to affix to a retaining chain or cord which circumscribes the head and allows the eyewear to hang from a user's neck.  This also permits the eyewear to be detachably affixed to floats to keep the glasses from sinking in water.

The lens grooves in the eyewear are designed to accomodate lenses over 2 mm thick; stronger than lenses found in other sunglasses.  

Built to Last

The creators of Daywolf® had one goal in mind when creating the Septentrials: to develop the most durable, highest precision, most artfully crafted Titanium eyewear production ever to reach the market. To this end, customers of Daywolf® can expect an everlasting, sytlized piece; built to tolerances of less than one thousandth of an inch; available in a variety of anodized or plated frame colors, lens colors, and pad colors (polarized and non-polarized).  Two-tone frame variations are available, including black-gold and black-chrome combinations, allowing further customization.

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Precision Engineered

Daywolf® eyewear includes a patented single release point for the arms and lenses, as well as a patent pending nose bridge overbuilt and engineered with extremely low tolerances to cure the deficiencies in competitors’ former productions, such as excessive ricketiness of the eyewire tabs within the nose bridge leading to eventual breakage of the tabs and rivets.  The Septentrials have adjustable width arms, apertured terminal arm ends (to allow the sunglasses to affix to a chain wrapping the neck), lens abutment pads, and a patent-pending single release point for the arms and lenses. 

U.S. Company

Daywolf, LLC, the manufacturer and designer of all Daywolf® products, is a private U.S. company founded and owned entirely by U.S. citizens, with its principal place of business in the Salt Lake City.  All Daywolf® products are designed by American inventors.  All design, marketing, distribution, assembly and some manfucturing operations take place in the U.S., with other manufacturing operations done overseas.  Please see our contact us page for more information.



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